Good News

Here about good news stories related to Team DPD throughout the COVID-19 situation

30 March - Delivering more than just parcels...

Delivering more than just parcels...

William Watson, a driver at our DPD Local Middlesbrough depot, recently delivered to an elderly lady who was visibly distressed. Will asked what was wrong and she explained her fire alarm was going off, but she couldn't ask anyone to come over as she was self-isolating.

Will then said he would like to help and went into her kitchen, keeping 2 metres away in line with social distancing guidelines, and managed to reset the alarm.

The lady wrote to us to say she was very emotional and grateful for the support.

Glen Watson, franchisee at DPD Local Middlesbrough, says: "It's great to see our drivers going above and beyond during this time and William is a super driver."

27 March - #clapforourcarers

Last night hundreds of our hub team members took time out of their busy evening at 8pm to join the nation in applauding all our amazing health workers.

Whilst respecting all the social distancing guidelines, our hub teams in the midlands showed their appreciation for our incredible NHS and all the wonderful frontline care workers who are tackling the COVID-19 outbreak.

Watch our teams honour our Carers here

30 March - A birthday treat from DPD

Here's some good news stories from our sister company DPD...

A birthday treat from DPD

On Friday driver Glen Martin, based at our Leeds depot, arrived at a house to deliver a parcel to a mother and son who were really upset. It was 4 year old Rayaan's birthday and he told Glen that none of his presents had arrived as they were coming from overseas and he didn't even have a cake because he couldn't go outside!

Glen delivered the parcel, but then drove 4 miles to the nearest bakery, bought a large sealed cupcake, and took it back to Rayaan to wish him a happy birthday!

Mrs Amir called our Leeds depot to tell us just how overwhelmed they were with the surprise and such kindness.

In fact that's not all, Glen and the depot wanted to make the day extra special, so later that day Glen delivered a bag of DPD goodies to Rayaan's house.

Matt Palin, manager at our Leeds depot, says: "Glen is a true northern lad and one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. He is a top bloke and it didn't surprise me to hear what he did. I'm over the moon he was able to make Rayaan's day."

30 March - Delivering smiles with parcels

Here's some good news stories from our sister company DPD...

Delivering smiles with parcels

On Friday, we received an email from midwife Paige Mason. Paige had been caring for COVID-19 patients throughout the night and had returned home when Daniel Nelson, a driver at our Dunstable depot, delivered a parcel to her.

Paige understandably took her time to get to the door and when she did, she was greeted by Daniel smiling and waving at the end of the garden. After explaining her job, they both thanked each other for the work they're doing before having a brief chat 2 metres apart, which made Paige's day as her partner is an Intensive Care Doctor and they work opposite shifts, so she doesn't see many people due to social distancing!

Paige comments: "He was so smiley and we had a great chat that literally made my day. In times so testing for all, thank you to all your people that work so hard and still have a smile on their faces."

Daniel, pictured receiving a DPD Amazing Award, which includes a cash reward and a bottle of champagne to recognise his outstanding customer service.

Natalie Giles, manager at Dunstable, says: "Daniel is one of our star drivers and regularly goes above and beyond. He's always happy and cheerful and his customers absolutely love him. He's a true DPD ambassador."