Corporate Social Responsibility

Carbon Neutral CommitmentCarbon neutral commitment

Our commitment is to make every parcel we deliver carbon neutral, for all our customers, at no extra cost for them.

We do that by measuring our CO2 emissions, by striving to reduce them, and by offsetting the remaining emissions.

DPDgroup targets a reduction of road transport CO2 emissions of 10% per parcel by 2020, compared to the levels of 2013.

Here's how we do it:

  • By improving the efficiency of our transport network, by tour optimisation for example
  • By the deployment of innovative solutions, like Predict or Pickup
  • By an increased use of alternative fuel vehicles

To offset our remaining transport emissions, we finance renewable and cleaner energy production projects by purchasing carbon credits. Together with EcoAct, the European leader on the carbon market, we have put in place an offsetting program respecting the most rigorous international standards.

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Smart Urban DeliverySmart urban delivery

Over 74% of the European population lives in a city. As we deliver to more and more people every day, we need to be aware of our impact on urban populations and communities and offer solutions that improve people's way of life.

Our commitment toward Smart Urban Delivery is to improve urban-life by giving people greater delivery choices, while helping to tackle traffic congestion and to reduce local pollution.

Our actions in this field also result in significant benefits: less particulate emissions in our cities, less traffic on our roads and less time wasted by customers waiting for their parcels.

How we do it:

  • We measure the environmental impact of our logistic platforms and of our vehicles in city centres
  • We develop innovative delivery services, such as Predict, increasing first-time delivery success
  • We offer customers the choice and flexibility of the place and the day they want to be delivered by leaving their parcels safe, delivering to a neighbour or collecting their parcels from one of over 22,000 DPD Pickup shops in the UK and Europe

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Innovative EntrepreneurshipInnovative entrepreneurship

Traditional delivery business is reshaped by the rise of e-shopping and on-demand delivery. Therefore, we encourage innovation inside and outside of our business.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are part of our DNA. Most part of our business expansion history has been made through acquisitions of local delivery expert companies characterised by their outstanding entrepreneurial spirit: mostly run by entrepreneurs and highly dedicated managers.

Our model for achieving this goal is based on intrapreneurship, support to local partner companies, and employee training.

How we do it:

  • Our annual internal Quality Awards stimulate innovation by highlighting remarkable local projects fulfilling our sustainable development objectives
  • Via our partnership with Ashoka on its European co-creation competition, we support pragmatic entrepreneurs thinking out of the box for solving social challenges
  • We support Beeleev, a select global community of business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide

Closer CommunitiesCloser Communities

As a delivery company, we have many opportunities to generate contacts and build long lasting relationships. Our ambition is to make a positive contribution to the communities we're the closest to.

We have a wide range of different topics and areas in which our employees are involved: solidarity transport, disadvantaged children and youth, the elderly, health, education, poverty, and environment.

Each Business Unit has developed the most meaningful initiative, relevant to its own eco-system.

How we do it: Our actions translate into free deliveries, employee volunteering, fundraising, and more.

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